What is your idea of God?

What is your idea of God?
Is He never changing?
Does He learn and adapt?
Is He judgemental?
Does He punish?
Does He love?
Is He fair?
Does He have it in for you?
Does He love you?
Does He bless?
Is He fickle?
Is He gracious?

That’s just a few of the ideas people have of God, what yours?

For me God is honourable, Just, Fair, Loving, Never changing, full of Grace and blessings. However if you turn your back on Him you turn your back on all of that as well and have to live with what life throws at you.

So what is your view of God?

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2 responses to “What is your idea of God?

  1. Patient, broad in his mercy, outside of gender but described as ‘he’, often eccentric in human terms but logical to himself, occasionally elusive (or maybe it’s me that becomes elusive to him), mathemetician, artist, musician…this list could go on forever, but I’m sure you get the gist.


  2. I forgot Patient, that is so true, He/She waits loving for us to come home.
    I don’t think He is elusive as we know where He is, like the father in the Lost son he is at home looking out waiting for us.


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