Good Friday, the Road from a Christmas birth to death on a Cross, I love them all.

Well today is Good Friday, what’s good about a man dying you ask. Well he died so that we could have direct access to God and so that we would know just how much He Loved Us.

Good Friday is often a strange day, for some its just a holiday and they are happy about that, for some of us its the reason Christmas happened, with out the birth there could be no sacrifice, the whole point of the Babies birth was so that He could die to save me and you from the punishment our lives deserve and open the path to the Father.

I was watching the Preston Passion, [see the BBC I player] after walking part of the walk of witness this morning, I find the discomfort of the  walk very important for this day.  In the Preston Passion it was asked who has sacrificed for you or who would you sacrifice for. A very good qustion particularly after watching a drama about the sacrifice a young girl makes out of love.  Watch it it is powerful, but not as powerful as what Jesus did for us. Also in it a mother who having just heard she had lost her son went back to serving others and when asked why said they are all my children and I love them all.

This is why Good Friday is Good Jesus Loves us all so much He died in place of Us.

The Father does not want us to wage war for Him, to force others to believe or kill those who do not. All He wants is for us to Love Him as He Loves Us. He wants us to treat others as we want to be treated and to tend to the weak and poor. No warring on others no oppression or persecution just love.

Can you do that?  Love others as you want to be loved,  treat, act towards others as you want them to act towards you.  If you find that hard and we all do then just ask Jesus to send God the Holy Spirit to Help you find the strength to do it.

On Sunday it all makes sense as He raises from the grave, having defeated satan and death.


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