24 Hours to Change the World

A few weeks back a bunch of us from church spend 24 hours away looking at what God wanted to say to us individually and corporately. As part of the time we had to select a post card which spoke of where we were within ourselves spiritually and physically.  I chose this one.

Van Gogh Starry Night

To me it spoke of a turbulent life with strong currents moving around in it. A dark tower brooding over  the village of life but with the brightness of God breaking into it.

Thinking about it it was and is a very good representation of how my life often feels. I think the dark tower is my bad health as well as various temptations, the village is where I live day by day meeting others.  The sky is stormy as life just feels like that a lot, then there are the bright spots in my life breaking in through the storm and lighting up the whole scene. These will be God , my wife and others in my life helping me.

Another way of looking at this also came to mind, the tower is Mordor, the home of evil, in the Lord of The Rings it dominated all of life in the Third Age. But the heroes kept fighting against it and in the end the smallest most unlikely heroes won through and changed the world.

This got me thinking about how we impact the world around us as Christians. Are we like these bright spots someone who brings a little brightness into a persons dark life? Just how many little bright spots does it take to change someone’s situation?

As A Christian I would go with the Hobbit link and say it only takes one small insignificant person to change the world. We may not all be great warriors or preachers or even the best follower of Christ but we can change the world little by little. All it takes is to continue to follow Jesus and let Him use us to touch the world around us. We may not get rid of the black tower or the temptations around us but He can help us deal with them day by day. We may be in a dark place with only a few small lights guiding us but we can still be a light to others.

Like Frodo we need to sacrifice ourselves so as to help others. Jesus went to the cross to save us, Frodo went into Mount Doom to save his world.  What can I or you do to save those we love? Is it as simple as letting them have there way and submitting to there needs? Is it about not putting yourself first but them?

I think it is about Treating others as I want to be treated, Turning the other cheek and forgiving them. Seeing them happy even at your expense.It is also about Prayer, those lights could be the prayers of those who care about you.  Do you pray for those you love, care about or even those who dislike you. If not why, Jesus told us to pray for all people including our enemies.

Do it it will change lives and the world little by little.


Another few of the picture is that the bright spots are the Jump points opening of arriving spaceships. In this case then help has arrived. God has sent the aid I need. [Babylon 5 link]


2 responses to “24 Hours to Change the World

  1. A very uplifting post. I especially love your Hobbit illustration, about it taking one small insignificant person to change the world.


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