Choosing your fights

During the last month there has been a uproar in Bath over removing the pain of glass with an etched cross in it at the crematorium. The view over the valley from there is wonderful and very peaceful and the cross in the glass looks like it sits on the hill.

However the council has decided to replace the glass with plain glass as they upgrade the room. There argument is that as it is used by many people of faith or non then it should be plain and a cross or other symbol can be moved in as needed.

As you can imagine this has caused the usual complaints from many including local Christians and Churches a petition has been circulated demanding the retention of the cross.

This got me to thinking about whether this was a fight for Christian values, or just a fight for the ways things have always been or something else.

I did not sign the petition as I decided that it was a Christian issue, the Crem is used by many people few of them Christian. Most Christians have a service in church first anyway. I decided this was a fight for tradition.

So to my title choosing your fights. I do believe that as Christians we do need to stand up for our faith and for the weak, but we need to choose our fights and not just pick up on any issue and say its a matter of faith. If we continue to do that then, when real issues of faith come up we will not be listened to because others will think we are always complaining.  We need to think like a military commander and choose those fights we can win or are crutual to Our mission. Our mission is our faith in Jesus and we should bear that in mind and not fight for things which aren’t important.

This pain of glass is not about what we believe or about our worship it is unimportant. Standing up for the rights of the weak and poor is biblical, standing up for the right to our believes is important. Standing up for buildings and particular cultural ways is not.

Lets not confuse culture with following Jesus and doing right for others.


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