DBMM 350pt V2 Report of a battle between Later Crusader 1180Ad and Medieval German 1500AD.

DBMM 350pt  V2

Report of a battle between Later Crusader 1180Ad and Medieval German 1500AD.

Fought on a 5×3 board.

10am on a nice summer’s day.

For some reason King Baldwin IV of the Kingdom of Jerusalem has invaded the territory of the Holy Roman Empire.

Baldwin had 4 commands under him, his own of 18 foot sergeants [Sp(I)], his own and 4 other Knights [Kn(O)]; 2 commands of holy orders of 3 knights [Kn(S) reg] including the general and 4 crossbowmen [Bw(O) reg] units. All this supported by an ally force from Syria of 3 Cavalry [Cv(O)] units including the general and 4 [Lh(S)] Turcoman units. The baggage had 2 from the CiC and 1 from each sub as well as the holy cross [3 Bg(O) + 1 Bg(S)]

The HRE consisted of 3 commands a Imperial CiC plus 7 Landsknecht [Px(O)], 4 Swiss [Px(S)], 4 handgunners {Sh(I)], 3 Halberds [Bd(O)] 1 standard wagon [Bg(S)] and3 Handgunners [Ps(S)]. A sub general leading the mounted, general knight wedge [Kn(S) + Kn(I)], 2 Knight [Kn(I) + Kn(I)] and 3 petronels [Cv(S)]. With a ally general from a city of a general wedge [Kn(O) + Kn(I)], 8 Pike [Px(O)], 4 Handgunners [Sh(I)], Standard wagon [Bg(S)], 2 Halberd [Bd(O)], 3 Handgunners [Ps(S)], 2 light guns [Art(I)] and 7 Heerban [Hd(O)].

Both sides deployed as per the photos.











The battlefield was quite open except for the two vineyards on the German left and the wood on there right giving them a nice defensive area.

However as the Germans needed to attack to bring there heavy foot into action they moved forward for the first turns while swinging there mounted reserve towards there right. My spear swung slightly to force the German heavy centre to conform which might be slow with the standard wagons in them. Meanwhile the Syrians moved to threaten the Germans right flank and my right hand holy order troops moved to threaten the Germans left. See photo.

By the time the next couple of turns had passed the German foot had nearly reached my spear and my archers had started to drop arrows on to there flanks to start breaking them off.

See photo

The German centre continues to push forward exposing more of its flanks I charged my spear into the pike & shot pushing some of them forward to double overlap the pike. [if I hadn’t I would have been shot at anyway]. My crossbow had pushed back his flank support by now.

See photo

A couple of pike died as did a handgunner for one spear lost.

Next turn more of the Germans centre was drawn in to the melee.

Other the next few turns my left hand holy order knights hit his CiC and killed him helped by the shooting of the crossbowmen. While on my right I destroyed the supporting shot and halberds. H

Meanwhile my nobles lst control and charged into my own spear spending 2 of them as the passed through.

With his main command close to breaking due to the loss of its general and both his flanks exposed the Germans gave up.

I lost 4 spear and 2 spent, 2 crossbow [left flank] and a Turcoman.

A interesting battle decided by the exposure of the Germans flanks.

I am not sure that the German army was legal as with 16 Landsknecht’s including the CiC he should have had 8 Swiss not the four he had which would have meant he had to leave out the light guns and hoards.


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