Report of a DBMM V2 battle between Hindu Indian 1480ad and Late Swiss 1474.


Report of a battle between Hindu Indian 1480ad v’s Late Swiss 1474.

DBMM 350pt  V2   Fought on a 5×3 board.


The wandering Swiss with Lorrainer allies have made it all the way to Southern India where they are met by Virupaksha Raya II and his forces. Unfortunately there was a strong SW wind which could cause problems for our archers.


The Swiss consisted of a Swiss debating group as CiC commanding 12 other pike units with a double based Lorrainer knight unit and 2 hand gunners and 1 crossbow units. The 2 Lorrainer sub generals each were double based knight wedges, supported by 8 pike, 3 halberdiers [Bd(X)], 3 hand guns or crossbow and 1 mounted crossbow. There were also 5 baggage in the camp.

The India’s also had 3 commands, 1 of a sub general or CiC on elephant, with 2 more elephants, 6 Cavalry [O], and 2 Light horse. The other sub general on elephant had 12 Archers, 4 Swordsmen, 4 rocket artillery, and 2 bombards.


Virupaksha awaited the Swiss with his artillery on a hill flanked by the archers with the two mounted commands behind, the left command had its 2 elephants hidden behind the hill and the swordsmen were hiding in the left hand wood.

The Swiss deployed well back, obviously worried about the grand battery, so putting there pikes to the flanks and screening the centre.


See photo’s



Unfortunately as the battle started the wind swung round to blow from the south, defiantly messing up our archery in the future. The Swiss moved around to form up in a block but were not showing any intention of attacking. So my Indians started to move the rocket units forward as well as sending there left light horse to threaten the Swiss rear and baggage. In reality a feint as they had lots of spare units but I wanted to force them into doing something in case it opened an opportunity to drag them onto the ambush


After an hour nothing much had changed see photo.


An hour later and my Rockets moving had brought a response in that the Swiss moved to attack them allowing all my artillery to engage destroying a halberdier and forcing some mounted crossbow from the battle but losing a rocket unit to some crossbow. By now on my right flank the Swiss were advancing in a thin line upon my cavalry, I moved my CiC’s elephants over to support them and the archers.

With the start of the third hour I brought my swordsmen out of hiding and moved them and the other left flank units forward to support my artillery while the hiding elephants moves with there general across the hill to threaten the right of the Swiss’s left as it engaged my Right.


Disaster! Although my archers held against the pike and shot the halberdier unit back my CiC and another elephant fell to pike and light infantry [6-1 & 5-2]

Game effectively over as the CiC command broke leaving me with low class archers to stream the tide on that flank.


A good game, however I might organise the army better next time and wonder why I can never get elephants to work they always seem to die on me. My artillery was good throwing good die in shooting and breaking up the Swiss centre once I had moved forward.




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