Another year gone…. another about to start

Well here we are at the end of 2011, a exciting year to say the least.

We have had riots in this country, rebellion in Africa and the middle East, earthquakes, floods and nuclear melt downs. We have had one financial crises after another, and the only ones to be making money are those who caused it.We have had one country run for the whole year,18 months in fact, without a government. [Belgium]   we have had others with fake government due to fixed elections or no elections. Then we have had the near end of the war in Iraq, and probably the start of a three way civil war, then in Afghanistan the war goes on with NATO leaving in the next year  it will probably go back to the way it was with civil war and drugs. Then there was the blow up with the phone hacking and news international.

So that’s all the crappy stuff, what about the good stuff?

Well there was the glory of seeing people come together to clean up there streets after the riots.  The generosity of many to give aid to many places in need of help, we may all have been struggling with the economy but more was raised on Puggsy night than last year, and millions were raised for other countries. People power made the government change a few things and embarrassed the Church of England.

What about me and Berni, well we had a wonderful break in the Dartmouth area in Sept and a short break in the spring at Selby. She has been working hard as well as looking after me. I have had a so so year, the first part health wise wasn’t to bad but from Sept till now I have had one infection after another. The treatment has done its job and kept me out of hospital over than for the treatment. I have enjoyed running the roleplay and working on the 14th century rules we are using. I also spent some time researching WWII naval so as to rewrite the rules, also enjoyed some great DBMM games. I have enjoyed running the cell group and being supported by such wonderful friends there. I have managed to help out with services when asked and loved doing one with the cell group, when we used a cafe style  service. Most people enjoyed it as well as the cakes and drinks during the service.

Thankfully I have felt well over Christmas and so good enjoy the Nativity on the street as well as family over the holiday.

Finally I thank God for all his gifts this year, time to have fun, new people met, the times of healthfulness,  friends and family. Also I thank Him for always being there for me for His love and Grace.

I pray that each of you will have a really blessed new year.

What will this new year bring?

Well more unrest in the Middle East as the people of Syria, Egypt, Aden, and the Gulf states continue to  work for a change in government style. Iraq will fall into a civil war between the two muslin sects and the Kurds. The USA will drag us and others into Africa, to defeat terrorism but more likely to  try to stop China getting access to all its resources. More revelations about the way reporters at some papers worked. Higher unemployment but no growth, with the government still saying we are all in it together while giving the banks and well off a tax break.  The Euro zone will sort out its problems and start to grow while we struggle on with many wanting to leave the EU. As the UK economy declines there will be more pressure from Scotland to become independent with the Welsh and Irish thinking about it as well.


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