Sassanid V Byzantium 350 pt DBMM2



Bahram Chobin [me] having overthrown Khusran decided to consolidate his position by invading the old enemy Byzantium [Stuart]. Assembling his forces Chobin struck out, his force of 8000 was organised as follows.

My army

Sassanid Persian 591AD

Chobin CiC  Reg Cv(S)

10 units of Asavaran Irr Cv(S)

4 units of Horse Archers Irr  Lh(F)

1 army baggage horses Reg Bg(F)

Sub General Cv(S)

10 units of Asavaran Irr Cv(S)

4 units of Horse Archers Irr  Lh(F)

1 army baggage horses Reg Bg(F)

Army baggage 2 horses

Turkish Ally Gen Irr Cv(S)

2 units Nobels Irr Cv(O)

7 units horse archers Irr Lh(S)

2 Command baggage Camels  Irr Bg(F)

The Byzantines under Hyatios fielded a force of 7000 horse & 6000 foot organised as follows.

Stuart’s army

Early Byzantine 510AD

Hyatios CiC Reg Cv(S) Inert

6 units of Kavallarioi Reg Cv(O)

1 unit of Boukellarioi Reg Cv(S)

4 units of Moors Irr Lh(O)

2 units Army Baggage Reg Bg(O)

Sub Reg Cv(S)

8 units of Kavallarioi Reg Cv(O)

1 unit army baggage Reg Bg(O)

Sub Reg Bd(I)

7 units Skoutatoi Reg Bd(I)

4 units Psiloi Reg Ps(O)

5 units Psiloi Reg Bw(I)

7 units of Issurans Irr Ax(O)

2 units army baggage Reg Bg(O)

Hun Ally General Irr Lh(S)

11 units Horses archers Irr Lh(S)

Fortified baggage camp 5 baggage tents.

Chobin decided to offer battle where his right flank would be protected by a wood and a steep hill with a road running between them. There were two gentle hills to his left and another larger one on the left of Hyatios force. See map 1.

I Chobin deployed with my Sub general forward with his Asavaran in two ranks and his horse archers out between the hill and wood, I deployed behind with my Asavaran in two columns again with the horse archers between the hill and wood, and on my left the Turks with there nobles to the side of the sub general and there horse archers in three lines on he hill,  and awaited my enemy planning to swing round my left flank to crush the enemy. Meanwhile the enemy deployed facing me his CiC on his left facing my combined horse archers, his foot command in the middle with the cavalry reserve behind and the Huns on his right in a deep formation it looked like he planned to crush my right flank horse archers while pinning my centre with his foot and exploting with the cavalry reserve, it looked like the Huns were to sweep away my Turks.

See map 1

Inital Deployment

Inital Deployment

Map 1 from Sassanid side

I moved first and pushed the Turks forward towards the next hill and the front Asavaran towards the enemy foot while the horse archers also advanced to cover the flank with my own horse archers moving up to support the flank of the Sub’s ones.

On my left the Huns sensed a victory and moved quickly forward and the fighting opened on that flank when my Turks decided to show them the error of there ways by charging in. the first contact didn’t go well as we were pushed back or held expect on the far left where we pushed into flanked situation.

Map 2

First contact

Map 2 after the first 2 turns.

The result of that, was 2 dead Turk units and a broken up front on both sides, behind I had moved my own columns so that one covered my right flank and the other supported my centre, meanwhile the Turkish Ally had left his nobles and joined the flank of the Asavaran at the front. The next round of reactions allowed my Turks to take out 3 Huns and an Enemy Kavallarioi after they had charged through there infantry into the Turkish general and the Asavaran of the centre. Now I started to bring my column of Asavaran round towards my left flank to support and exploit the horse archer battle.

Map 3 after the first clashes.

After the first clash

Now the battle swang my way the lazy inert enemy CiC started to fail to good direction to his generals [lots of 1’s and 2’s for his pips reduced to 0 or 1] while I got a hang of this battle.

My Turks and CiC continued to put pressure on to the Huns who having no control ran all over the place allowing my troops to hit them in side and rear. This shattered there command leaving me in control of this flank for now. See map 4

the Huns destroyed

the Huns destroyed

Map 4 the Huns destroyed.

The battle now moved to the centre as I started to shower the enemy foot and supporting horse with arrows. This battle in the centre raged back and forth for some time as neither side could gain advantage, [its tough work trying to take on even (I) foot with mounted when you get no (S) advantage if you win] while I tried to get my Turks round his flank with support from my Asavaran. Meanwhile the Byzantium’s moved some of there cavalry with there brave if slow CiC to attack the front and side of my column of Asavaran coving my right flank and by so doing exposing themselves to my horse archers.  The next few rounds, neither of us had good command with generals in combat or just lacking direction [low pips]. And so the fight struggled on with a few loses on both sides. On my left I was slowly making progress around but the untrained Asavaran made slow work of redeploying. See map

Map 5 the end is in sight.

The end in sight

The end in sight

With it getting late we only had time for a few more turns, my horse archers charged into the Byzat CiC and then his horse archers charged in as well so that the whole of my right flank was fighting. I lost a couple of Asavaran but got more of his on my left, also managed to ride over the archers and a couple of Skoutatoi and Psiloi on the right and break through with just 2 enemy cavalry facing 4 of mine there.

But then we had to stop as it was nearly midnight the situation was as map 6

The end

The End

Map 6 the end.  I have broken through the centre right and slowly getting round the left.

Loses 20% [7 Cv(S), 4 Lh(S), 1 Lh(F) 2400] of mine and 30% [6 Cv(O), 1 Lh(O), 2 Bd(I), 2 Ps(O), 2 Bw(I), 3 Ax(O) plus all the Huns 12 Lh(S)  6,000] of his a 14-11 to me.

A jolly good game using a 5×3 foot table and 350 points.

The battle was fierce and very close.

Ist time I have ever used an all Cavalry army and although I knew that Irr Cv(S) don’t manoeuvre well I was surprised at how bad they managed to do v’s foot with no bonus when winning so needing a 6-1.


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