Wessex Heroes 1 Night of the Robots

 Night of the Robots

 It is a warm summer evening in Bath, Aeron [Air Girl] is having coffee with a girl friend in Costa, Stuart [Stretch] is in a concert in Bath Abbey with his girl friend and ALFA is on the roof of the abbey listening to the concert and keeping watch.  As he listens and enjoys the music ALFA becomes alert when he see’s a large silvery robot chasing a man along Charles St. away from the parcel delivery office of the post office. As he reacts he also hears explosions and alarms from the same area.  As he teleports to the scene he makes sure that he is close to the running man.

ALFA grabs the running man and teleports to Solsbury hill, where he finds out from the man that his two mates are still inside the warehouse with other machines chasing them. As he does that Stuart and Aeron both hear the alarms and explosions. Stuart says to Cindy, must go to the bathroom, and heads outside and stretches up to the top of the spire. Meanwhile Aeron also leaves Costa and her friend and soars up into the sky.

Stretch and Airgirl both see the problem of 3 slivery robots heading up Manvers St. towards the city centre. Stretch glides and Air girl flies towards them gaining speed as they go and intercept them near the car park and police station. Meanwhile ALFA has teleported back to the Post office area.

Air girl creates a whirlwind to trap the two robots close together but trailing the first one, while Stretch uses his ability to detach part of himself to create a blob of plastic and trap the advanced one. Unfortunately the whirlwind can’t hold the robots and they move on to the Empire hotel where they start to cut out a corner stone, with Air girl in pursuit. Stretch decides to use his altitude to do a dive attack on the trapped robot but misses and smashes through the road and fractures the gas pipes as well as the other pipes like water and electric there. Meanwhile Air girl uses her control of air to trip the robots at the Empire up.

Now things get hot as the gummed robot uses its flame thrower to burn free setting off the leaked gas causing an explosion which injures Stretch a little, but frees the robot. The other two robots get to there feet, tracks, and engage Air girl who tries to dodge instead of grab one of them but fails taking cold damage from a Freon gas attack. However Stretch manages to grab part of his departing robot holding it in place. With a hold Stretch uses his ability to stretch to get some fingers through a small hole and inside the robot so that he can pull it apart from the inside. This he does managing to keep the robot offline [stunned] while he does so.

Air girl feeling very cold raises up 300’ to give herself some distance from the two robots who ignore her and continue to cut free the corner stone. With the stone free one robot picks it up and with the other one covering Air girl starts to move. Air girl responds by power diving into the moving one from 300’ up. She successfully hits the robot carrying the stone and drives it through the road into the underground car park of the Empire. Smashing it to pieces and inflicting serious damage to herself as well as setting off all the car alarms and spreading petrol around as she also totals the car they hit. The covering robot takes this opportunity to flame Air girl and this also sets off the petrol and all the over tanks of fuel in the other cars. Air girl is knocked out and can not recover until free of the flames and heat.

Meanwhile nearby ALFA has been busy, he went into the warehouse and saw a robot shacking over a stack of boxes which two man where hiding on top of. ALFA uses his sound control to set up a sonic attack which stuns the robot briefly. Moving quickly ALFA grabs the unmoving machine and teleports to Mount Vesuvius in Italy materialising 300’ above it he lets go of the robot. Quickly before he falls ALFA teleports again to the upper slopes of the mountain and watches as the robot gains speed and then plunges into the lava and disappears. He needed to see it happen and to make sure no innocents were harmed by the falling mass. With one robot out of the way he teleports back to Bath and the warehouse where he talks to the two men and sends them on there way. After all he is gullible and has no reason not to believe them. So far he has saved and realised all three robbers who had broken in to the warehouse and by accident activated these machines.

So with ALFA busy, Air girl unconscious and one remaining Robot its all down to Stretch, who reaches up the building and then glides from there to the Parade gardens where the other robot has headed after jumping down into the car park picking up the stone and  smashing out through the building. As Stretch, reaches the park he sees the robot drop the stone into the fountain and it then disappears, the stone that is. Stretch decides that as it worked once he will go for the penetrate and rip approach again. While he is busy finishing this robot off he takes a couple of electric shocks from the body of the thing before he manages to totally shut it down. Meanwhile ALFA goes to look for the other super beings he saw earlier and sees the smoke coming out of the road around the police station and the Empire. Seeing that there is nothing left in the first area he moves on and see’s Stretch finishing off a robot and the hole in the Empire, moving closer he sees the flying girl laying in the wreckage and flames so teleports down picks her up and teleports away.

With the danger dealt with our heroes chat together and decide that they will try to work together in the future, by the time they have finished talking the area is full of police, fire and ambulance crews as well as council workers stating to fill in the holes. With all of them having recovered from the fight they each head off home. Next morning the various breakfast channels are full of CCTV and mobile phone pictures of the three of them from the last week. They seem to have been named the Wessex heroes, although many people are praising them there are just as many wondering who is going to pay for all the damage to the roads and the Empire. Is this the beginning of a long story or will they disappear into London or America who knows we will see what time brings…..


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