Wessex Heroes Prologue part 3

Aeron, Air girl, is on her way to have coffee with her friends walking along the river bank. Agent A is a Aeron spy on earth, she can pass for human at a pinch but mainly uses news sources to make her reports.[nanu nanu]  She has natural abilities to control the air around her as do all her race. She has started to take a liking to these humans and is wondering whither to use her powers to help them.  Like all Aeron agents she is not supposed to interfere or expose herself but she thinks with a rash of super types now around she could merge in.  Her normal everyday disguise is of a Middle Eastern woman wearing flowing ropes which move with the wind.  Aeron’s are a humanoid life form made of solid air, which gives them a weaker skeletal structure, in there natural form they look like a cloudy humanoid, they can change there look enough to look nearly human [by changing colour and texture]. While walking along the river bank she see a boat in trouble, there is smoke coming from it and it appears to be wallowing in the rain increased flood waters.  The Boat is centre stream about 10m away and there appears to be two young adults on board. Air girl creates a swirling cloud and uses it to keep her robes safe and now looking like a cloud she flies over to the boat and asks if she can help. Unfortunately the crew are in a panic and do not notice her or take any notice of her voice, so she creates a strong wind to blow on the back of the boat to remove the air from any fire there. This blast also pushes the boat towards the shore. With the boat out of the fast flowing water it settles down and the crew realise they have been saved. ‘Who are you?’ they ask, ‘Air Girl’ she replies and flies away.


A few days later while walking home late one night she is approached by 6 male youths who start to shout about you wearing Islamic dress, using various anti Islamic slurs. Then start throwing stones and such hitting her with at least two. Air Girls moves back and up into the air and summons a whirlwind to trap them all.   Two of them manage to break free but before they can draw there knifes and start towards her she uses an air lasso and pulls them back into the whirlwind. With them all trapped and with the whirlwind taking there weight she moves them along until she reaches the police station and hands them in. they are given a warning for breaking the peace and let go and Air Girl flies off to finish her journey home, feeling pleased with herself for being able to get away with her interventions.


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