Wessex Heroes Prologue part 1

Wessex Heroes



On the top of the science building of Beechen Cliff School sits a large metallic form with only its head moving and its deep red eyes staring but not moving as it scans all it can see from this high point on the Southern hills of Bath. This machine is Alfa – who was discovered in Antarctica by an independent scientific expedition led by Professor Sir Terence Donaldson, owner and head of the Donaldson Institute.  Donaldson’s expedition found a strange structure buried deep in glacial ice, clearly broken off from a larger structure and perhaps millions of years old.  The structure was made of unknown materials, structurally sound despite the huge pressures of the ice and virtually empty except for a single humanoid robot, which Donaldson named Alpha.  The robot was in perfect condition but all its memory systems appeared blank.  Donaldson’s team tried downloading data into the robot and succeeded in reactivating it.  Alpha became fully functional and self aware but had only the knowledge that Donaldson’s team provided it with.  Donaldson decided to keep his discovery secret, fearing exploitation by governments and left Alpha in the Antarctic, returning several times with large amounts of data for Alpha to download and assimilate.  Donaldson strove to install strong moral and ethical values into Alpha.  When Donadson failed to return after an absence of a year, Alpha set out for England to find him.  Alpha discovered that the Donaldson Institute, in Bath’s Western riverside, had been attacked by a high tech gang of super criminals after some of Donaldson’s technological wonders.  In the attack Donaldson and most of his team were killed, so knowledge of Alpha had been lost.  Alpha tracked down the criminals, captured them and handed them over to the police, mindful of the ethics Donaldson had taught him.  Alpha could kill but, mindful of human fear of killer robots, prefers to let people believe his programming prevents this.  In honour of Donaldson’s memory Alpha lets people believe that he was built by Donaldson.  However impressed by the Alfa Romeo tagline “Without heart we are mere machines” he has changed his name to ALFA.  Alfa now pursues a career as a super hero in the region of Wessex but is currently based around Bath.


As he scans and waits he spots a fire in a Farmhouse in the Widcombe valley, around 2 miles away, there is smoke rising from the building, ALFA thinks about being there to help and appears just in the farm yard. From the yard he teleports into the upper floor of the farmhouse and finds himself in a burning corridor. As his frame takes damage from the heat he quickly listens and hears the sound of people behind a door.  Again he teleports and in the room he sees 2 adults and 1 child in there, crying and asking each other how they are going to get out. ALFA moves to the window and opens it letting some of the smoke out but realises that they will not be able to get down easily so moves back and holding the child and woman and getting the man to hold on teleports out to the yard again.   With the adults crying about the loss of there livelihood and how are they going to manage, ALFA teleports into the roof to find the water tank. He then proceeds to try to lift it but even with his remarkable strength the tank full of water is to much and the strain of trying to lift it pushes him through the ceiling.  So deciding to make use of the hole he just made he breaks the floorboards around the tank and then tips it over to pour its contents all over the fire below. As the gallons of water hit the burning corridor the fire splutters out, though there are a few simmering areas still.  ALFA teleports back to the rescued family and tells them to call the fire brigade to finish the job. ‘What shall we call you?’ they ask, ALFA the metal man replies.  With his name now known and a picture taken on a mobile phone our metal hero teleports away his first superhero job is done and he feels good about himself.


A few days later ALFA hears alarms going off and looking around Bath from his perch he thinks it is coming from the city centre so he teleports there and from the top of the Abbey spire see’s a security van outside the Santander bank in a crowded Milsom St. Two men are holding guns on the van guards carrying the money. so ALFA teleports between the gunmen and the guards to protect them and orders them to surrender and drop there guns. Instead they fire with the bullets shattering on ALFA’s thick skin, ‘you bounders! You shot me!’ he exclaims.  ALFA grabs one of the thugs as the other runs off, so ALFA teleports right in front of the running robber who slams right into ALFA knocking himself out.  However while teleporting with the other robber the gun he was carrying got dropped and even though ALFA calls on the onlookers to return it no one does. Now with both robbers in his arms ALFA teleports to the police station and drops them off, informing the officers that there is a missing gun and that the van crew can id them for trail. So another successful crime busting job and feeling even more pleased with himself ALFA teleports away.


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