9/11 and 10 years on

So ten years ago tomorrow we all watched as planes smashed into the twin towers killing around 3,000 and wounding many more. the world went to war against terror and we invaded Iraq and then Afghanistan.

So what has the ten years brought us?

Well 10 years of war which has brought the USA and the UK to economic disaster as we have spent billions and billions which could have been spent on keeping the economy running. We along with others including Iraq and Afghanistan have suffered the loss of hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Iraq  Iraq: 62,570 to 1,124,000

From June, 2003, through April 23, 2009, there have been 9,010 Iraqi military and police killed according to the “Iraq Index” of the Brookings Institution.However, according to the list of Iraqi security forces fatality reports in Iraq 11,520 Iraqi military and police have been killed

136 journalists and 51 media support workers were killed on duty according to the numbers listed on source pages on February 24, 2009.  94 aid workers have been killed according to a November 21, 2007,

US armed forces As of May 28, 2010, there were 4,404 dead and 31,827 wounded in action.

Other nations  As of 24 February 2009, there were 318 deaths from the armed forces of other Coalition nations. 179 UK deaths and 139 deaths from other nations.

Afghanistan  between 10,960 and 49,600,

Pakistan: between 1467 and 2334 killed in U.S. drone attacks as of May 6, 2011

War on Terror. total Americans killed 8,800 Wounded 46,000

So 10 years have cost billions of $ as well as around a million lives lost or ruined.  Has it been worth it?

In my opinion NO, the world is not safer then 10 years ago, more terror attacks have happened and most westerners feel less safe and poorer.  Most terrorists are now home grown so the wars have not reduced the threat. Other countries of the world can use our intervention, as the Russians have done, to legitimise there interventions in other countries. The USA has not been able to put pressure on or intervene in other areas more  crucial to its interests. The cost to the US military in equipment is massive the marines will have worn out all there fighters in a few more years with the costly Joint Strike Fighter replacement years away.

So who has gained from all this fighting and death?

Defence contractors, those who supply equipment and those who supply other services. China who has been able to get a foothold into Africa and start looting there resources as well as lend the cash to wage the war. Various factions in places like Somalia and such who have been able to go about there business of hijacking etc with limited western response.

Where will we be in another 10 years?   I still expect Iraq to split into in 3 parts, which will put pressure on Turkey as the Kurds strife for a separate homeland.  Afghanistan will still be a mess with various warlords and drug groups controlling it much to Pakistan’s favour as they will have more control over the border that way.

So ten years of war end result nothing but loss.  So much of this reminds me of Rome as it declined it looked for enemies and struggled to deal with them and the cost of constant war dragged it down as the rich got richer on the back of the wars and the poor died or got poorer.

Let us pray for forgiveness, reconciliation  and peace to take the place of fear, vengeance and hatred.


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