Arson, looting, summer madness and youth.

So we have had a few nights of arson and looting starting in London and spreading to other cities.

Why has this happened?

What do people think about it?

What can be done?

Why has this happened? – well the shooting of a suspected armed drug dealer in London raised questions which the family and locals wanted answering and so they had a demo. the qustion over whether anyone should wonder why a armed drug dealer was shot is not really the point they had questions and demonstrated about it as is there right. This demo  then turned violent as either the same people or others decided to attack the police in the area and any thing else which got in there way.

Then over the last two nights others have decided if they can do it why can’t we and look at the stuff we can get while we are at it.  They have not demonstrated or made any demands they just want to rob and loot. they  have played to peer pressure from there gangs and criminal mates. They are envious of others and bored. They lack discipline and any fear of the law. They expect not to be stopped or caught and if they are expect to get away with a Aspo or similar.

What do people think about it? – well judging from the conversations I have had today as well as what I have seen on line and on the news, most people are very angry and want to know why nothing was done.  One person said to me that the police should have been given guns and fired once a few had ben shot it would all be over. Others wonder why under 11’s are out at night anyway. One person I heard on the news said we will respect others when we are respected. I am quite sure that this will not get her that respect, but it does show why some of them got involded, they get respect from there peers for it.

Some think if the leaders of companies, banks and government can get away with robbing others and breaking the law so can they. A lot of people think the police didn’t do enough, but I am not sure what 6,000 police over the whole of greater London could do with incidents in at least 10 places. Thou I do wonder why they just watched looters walking off, orders I expect to not make the situation worse.

The lack of concern for there fellow locals safety looms large though, setting fire to shops and stores with occupied flats above and houses around is just plain attempted murder.

What can be done?- Good qustion, not sure about the answer though. However I am sure that Loving ones fellow man, ones neighbours needs to lie at the heart of it. The Bible tells us to love one another and to do unto others what you would want them to do to you. It also has a lot to say about parents and children, about respecting your parents and those in power over you as well as respecting your children. I am quite sure that none of these criminals would want the building they live in fired or looted. I am quite sure that they would not want to have all they have worked and saved for destroyed in moments by others. Justice must follow and they must expect to be punished for there crimes, make restitution and ask for forgiveness.



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