Commons select committee’s Murdoch’s Hacking and News International

Enjoyed Watching the police, James and Rupert Murdoch being questioned by the select committee today over 4 hours of interesting TV. Shame some twerp decided to mess it up with an attack at the end, all that will do is muddy the water.

Anyway, James seemed to do well answering with business talk, but not admitting to knowing anything at all. I don’t suppose we could expect them to turn up and say we knew all about it and hold our hands up to it. Both of them tried to protect the other which was nice to see. As to Rupert, he just looked lost, either it was a ploy or I wouldn’t want him running any business I had money in. With one breath he said he was a hands on man and phoned his editors to keep up to date and then that New of the World was only 1% of the group and hardly a big part to keep track off. Hard to believe that his favourite paper was  unimportant or that if he spoke to the editor monthly or weekly they didn’t mention the money they were paying out over the hacking.

From what he and James said it would seem no one had to ask permission to spend money and all decisions were done at local level and only grand strategy went by them.  Hardly the impression the world has always had about how they run there papers and media.

As to the police the admission that of the 44  people in the Met’s media office 10 were ex News International people. You would have thought that might have rang alarm bells somewhere. Were NI there recruitment agency?

I like many find  it hard to believe that editors or others had no idea where there stories came from or that they never asked a reporter about sources.   I can understand an MD not knowing every day to day  minor thing but they must or should know how there business is being run and if you are a media organisation how you are getting stories. After all news Corp is a media group and news is there business.  How your employees get that news must be part of the groups remit.

So I wonder where it will all end?

Will Cameron suffer more?

Will the shareholders of New Corp, chuck Rupert out?

Will NI open a new Sunday paper? Even thou they just said they have no immediate plans to do so.

Will Rebekah end up in jail or eventually back with NC?

In the end this needs to be turned to a positive, Politicians, media and police  need to regain some decent morals, Christian ones would be good but any would do. It seems that morality is slowly disappearing and greed and doing anything you can get away with is fine. Just taking one thing from the sermon on the mount don’t do anything to others you wouldn’t want done to you would be a good start as is do not lie or steal.

Lets just pray that people will only judge on evidence and that all responsible are found out and don’t hid behind there employees.  That at the end of this we will have a more responsible media, moral police and good decent politicians.


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