News of the World, News Corp, News international and Phone hacking! Who’s to blame?

So more News of the World, phone hacking is coming to light, people wonder where it will end and are surprised by what has been going on.

Why are they surprised? after all they read this paper and others which trawl the bottom for scandal to keep them happy. I have never been a fan of the NotW or the Sun or the Times after Murdoch got his hands on it, but many out there are, well you need to think about your part in this sorry tale.

If people didn’t read this stuff then there would be no money in it and it would not have grown into this monster. Advertisers are now leaving NI saying it does not tie up with there family values! What family values did the Sun or the NotW ever hold?

Murdoch has seen himself as above the law due to his many contacts with politicians, he has disregarded many agreements on ownership of papers  and will do so again with Sky if he gets his hands fully on it. He already has more than enough control of it as it is.

As a country we need to defend a free press that is not in one parties or persons pocket, we need laws to protect people from illegal acts but at the same time we need to encourage investigative journalism into things which are right to expose. This need some political thought and work, but leaving to much of the media in one persons hands is not a good  start.

For me, 1/2 naked girls belong on the top shelf.

Papers should be held to only telling the truth and people should get aid to challenge that.

Owners should not be able to cross subsidise various media, for example keeping some papers cheep, to drive others out of business,  by using funds via advertising from other parts of the group.

No one group or person should be allowed control of more than say 20% of the media in any form.


As to where this will end, who knows but I doubt that any top people will ever own up to knowing about these activities after all no one takes personal responsibility any more for the actions of the people below them. Does make you wonder why you have senior exes at all.  O of course to set the tone and make the big decisions.   Well if they want the money and power then they have to take the responsibility as well. In the end the buck must stop with them. If this shows they are unfit to have control then the state must  enforce the rules.  However I can’t see Cameron really laying into this as he is just to close to the Murdoch groups. This will be done by people power, boycotting the papers and forcing advertisers to do the same. If countries in the middle east can start to change there societies then we should do the same.

This can not be allowed to continue, this country and its  moral well being is our responsibility.


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