Lybia; Ark Royal; War and Defense.

From the Indepentant

The Government will have to make “challenging decisions” about military priorities if the Nato-led Libya campaign continues beyond the summer, the head of the Royal Navy said yesterday.

First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope said: “If we do it longer than six months we will have to reprioritise forces. That is being addressed now.”

He also conceded that elements of the operation would have been cheaper and “much more reactive” if the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal had not been scrapped. But he insisted he was not calling for the decision to axe the vessel and its Harrier jump jets to be reversed.

The Defence Secretary Liam Fox insisted the UK remained a serious military force and had the resources necessary to take part.

So this intervention is costing money, and using up military time. Hardly a surprise is it. What is important is that there is no public support for this, no way that it will work with out troops on the ground. [As I have said before] The use of helicopters is moving towards that anyway.

I have said before about the defence cuts that we would regret not having a carrier. They are after all the main modern way of projecting military power.

So what should we do?

Well having got involved it would be wrong to just leave, so we now need to quickly finish this by putting allied troops on the ground and taking the ground and holding it for the rebels. Having done that we need to leave just as quick, there will be no need to stay as they need to be left to sort out there own destiny.

We are a smallish country yes we have a strong military, although it is getting smaller, but we should look to what we need to defend ourselves and our allies. Some things will not be possible and multiple foreign wars is one of these. If Afghanistan is important then that’s were we are but we can not fight 2 or more wars at the same time we are just not big enough.  Even if it was a good idea. As many military thinkers have said over the years never fight a two front war.

As a Christian I think Caring for your neighbour is important but using air power is not the way to protect people.


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