Why I will Vote yes to AV

I will vote yes to AV because I have supported a change to our voting system for years. I would prefer some sort of PR but that is not on offer.

The NO party as far as I am concerned have pushed lies and deceit about this vote, which would be enough to make me vote for it.

Yes AV is not a big change, and its not difficult to understand you just do what lots of us do many times and put things in order. In this case you put the people you would like to be your MP in order. You can choose just one or you can choose more allowing you a choice if the person you’d most like didn’t make it.

Many groups including some political parties use this for internal voting. It may not be the most used system but if that is the criteria we should have full PR as that is what we imposed on Northern Ireland and many other places as we want them to have an inclusive system.

It will cost more! again if that’s a criteria we shouldn’t vote at all, saving a lot of money.

I for one hope that the yes wins and that it will allow us to take a good look at how our system works, who it disfranchises, who it empowers and slowly changing to a system which gives us a government which actually  represents all the people and not just the 20-30% who vote for one party.

Finely if you vote NO be prepared for a lot of Tory governments as part of this bill is to change the boundaries of   constituencies giving them a advantage under the current system. This will happen which ever why the vote goes, but AV will even this imbalance out a bit.


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