No fly zones; Libya; Bahrain; Iran; and hypocrisy.

So we have a no fly zone over Libya with permission to protect the civilian population from Gaddafi. So will it have any effect?

Did the no fly in Iraq stop Saddam killing his people who rebelled after the first war?


Did the no fly over what was Yugoslavia stop the war or the killings?

No Sebranichia happened after it was in place and we even had troops on the ground as well.

I said in a previous post that I thought this was a bad idea, I know it hurts to see people involved in a war, but it goes on all the time we just hear about a few and decide because of media/ big business / political pressure to do something.  I see the hand of BP and other companies who have invested a lot into Libya here. After all we are not helping in Zimbabwe or other places oppression of its populace is happening.  We don’t because we have no interest in morality but only in protecting the economic interests of those in power in the west.

What will we do if Iran says it has been asked to help the majority in Bahrain and invades? With us having dome the same so often we will find it hard to do anything even if we make a lot of noise.

How are we going to put pressure on Bahrain, Saudi and other Arab states to stop oppressing there own people if they are helping us in Libya.  One reason why I think they have asked us to do this in Libya.

What have we given away to Russia and China to get them to abstain?

Remember only 10 countries of the security council voted for this. Other than France, the UK and the USA the other 7 were Bosnia & Herzegovina, Portugal, South Africa, Colombia, Lebanon, Gabon, Nigeria.  Non of them likely to be providing units, all of them coming off the council this year or next and libel to vote the USA way.

If Bahrain and Saudi continue to use force to put down there majority disenpowered  populace why should not Iran want to help there co-religionists out. After all Iran wants to recreate the old Persian empire and use its power to deal with Israel.

In the end hypocrisy rules.

This will get worse not better and who is going to protect all the shipping in the Mediterranean from covert strikes by our old friend Gaddafi? We will not bomb a fishing boat or small cruse boat but it could use a missile or ram a large passenger ship and cause great loss. After all this has happened before in this area.

In the end we will see, I for one will be praying that this does not get worse and that wiser heads will prevail. As I said before as a Christian I need to help others in need but only rarely should this involve force. Standing between to sides is one way of doing this but that requires forces on the ground and being ready to take casualties.  While supporting either side and getting them to work out there difficulties.

This is doing none of this and runs the risk of civilian casualties and the rest of the world saying there they go again.. I could go on and on but this is enough for now.

Bad idea, wrong reasons, morale Hypocrisy…



3 responses to “No fly zones; Libya; Bahrain; Iran; and hypocrisy.

    Says it better than I can!


  2. Can’t argue with that Alan.
    Does seem to back up what I said though.


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