Thoughts on the ‘Wonders of the Universe’ series 1

Just watched the 1st of the Wonders of the Universe series.

I loved the pictures and places, such wonderful photography.

This episode was about time, it started with ‘Why are we hear? Where do we come from?’ I am not sure either was answered though. The main stream of thought in it was about the fact that everything must end. Things don’t just reverse and sandcastles don’t just appear. Interestingly Mr Cox used a glacier as an example of something that is always changing and  disappearing. However he seems to have forgotten that as the ice crashes into the lake it turns to water, then evaporates  becomes vapour then rain then ice at the back end of the glacier keeping the flow going. Yes things do end but some thinks also repeat. Also this theory also shoots the theory of evolution in the foot. If things must always change and head towards entropy, then why are we as we are, complex forms fall apart not appear.

He also through about numbers like confetti,  never once did he give any reason for these numbers, to me he was using numbers just as some use the genialities at the start of the bible to make assumptions about the age of all things. It is known that if you use one thing to date another you will end up with supposition and not fact. Most of all the dates just for dinosaurs are created by making assumptions on the age of each period and putting bits of bone together with no blur print to go by.

I love to watch science programs but some leave a lot of the information they should be explaining out. They treat theories as though they are fact with no room for other views. In some ways they have blind faith in the way they think things should be.

Nothing in this episode challenged anything I have faith in as a Christian. In some ways his arrow of time shows the logic of the Creation, one thing follows another in order creating something complex, something which his theory can’t do.  Eventually as the bible says all things will cease and God will be revealed  in His Glory.


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