Jesus. healing; Deaf man

The notes from my talk this Sunday. On Jesus healing a deaf man.

Mark 7 31-37

  • What do you listen to?
  • Who do you listen to?
  • Who don’t you like listening to?
  • What don’t you like to listen to?
  • Have you ever missed something because you didn’t listen?
  • If you can’t hear something or someone what do you do?
  • Have you ever had selective hearing?
  • What do you do if people don’t listen to you?
  • What would you miss if you couldn’t hear? or talk?
  • Can you hear God talk to you?

In this passage we have Jesus healing a man who can’t hear and talks badly.

As in an earlier story his friends bring him to be helped.

Do you help those you know who are in need like this?

Jesus took the deaf man aside and healed him.

Using saliva, why saliva?

Well people then thought of it as a way of healing, properly because animals lick there own wounds. It also cleans a wound.

So Jesus was just doing what the people watching expected.

Not all healings are done in a blast of publicity Jesus often moved away from the crowd and did it quietly.

So that is the story of how a man’s physical needs were met, but this story also shines a light on our spiritual needs as well.

Let’s look at this story from a faith viewpoint, a person couldn’t hear God’s word and really struggled to speak about it.

Sound familiar?

So some of his friends decide to take him to a place where he could be touched by Jesus

This man is then able, after spending some time alone with Christ, to hear God’s voice and because he can now hear God he can talk about God.

My conversion was a bit like that, I struggled to hear God even though others were telling me he spoke to them. However when on an Alpha away day and I was on my own it started to become clear and after I was prayed with my ears and tongue were opened to Him.

Then again last year on our parish away weekend, I had got to a point were I was struggling to hear from God again. So I spent some time on my own away from all other distractions with the bible and God. And after a while I started to hear Him again.

So what conclusions should we draw from reading and looking at this healing.

  1. Jesus wants us to be whole.
  2. We should help each other become whole in body and spirit.
  3. Sometimes we need to spend time away from everything else in Jesus presence to really hear Him and be healed.   That is the idea behind our Presence service once a month time to be with Jesus without the distraction of a formal service.
  4. Our spiritual ears can be blocked up just like our physical ears can be, so we need to clear them. so what is blocking you from hearing Jesus today?
  5. People should see the difference in us when Jesus talks with us one to one.  Jesus spent time with the deaf man and the deaf man couldn’t contain himself afterwards.

Let us pray together.

Father God i want to hear you speak to me.

Please clear whatever it is that is blocking me hearing you away now.

I come to you now so that I can hear you better, I am giving myself to you so please do what is needed to make me whole and be able to hear properly.



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