BSkyB; Sky News; & Murdoch’s News Corporation

So Murdoch is likely to get his way and be able to buy all of BskyB.

So who will take a bet that when the ten year period that Sky news has to be independent is up that Murdoch will want to buy back into it?

What’s to stop him starting another news service?

Even during this time he will still hold as much power over it as he does now 39% so will still be pulling the strings from behind the scenes as he does now.

A semi independent Sky News is no cause to celebrate and allow Murdoch to control all of BskyB. If we want to uphold an open and fair media with independent reporting of the news He needs to be stopped from having total control of BskyB or be made to give up his papers. No one should be able to use one media outlet to promote the others he owns and so limit the information and news people receive.

I will say that I am no fan of down market news, be it Sky or the sun etc, although I know a lot of people like it. That is there choice, but I see no need to allow it to have such a strong presence that people get no other news that is different. This could come about by the distorting of advertising from having many outlets to offer to advertisers which will be offered at a cheaper price than smaller papers/ tv stations can do. Also you can use one media outlet to advertise the others so creating a closed loop and driving the non Murdoch media out of business.  Do we want just the BBC and Murdoch and we all know his view on the BBC, which a lot of conservatives share.

It is no surprise that this decision was made after all Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt is pro Murdoch.


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