Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain etc A Tide of unrest at un-fairness

Well the revolutions are spreading, first Tunisia, then Egypt, now Bahrain, Yemen and Libya. With the stirrings of unrest in Jordan and Saudi.

What do all these have in common?

lack of political freedom, corruption, unfair wealth distribution, with only around 10% of the population having 90% of the wealth. These people have had enough as there rulers get older or are replaced with less forceful or less charismatic characters so they are starting to see that they are being used to feather the few’s    wealth.

If you look at history that is also the reason for the French revolution, the English civil war, the American war of independence, and many others including the fall of the Warsaw pact.

I said it when we invaded Iraq, leave them along and they will find there own way, you can not impose freedom. Now we see it happening.

However I wonder if the west and others will be able to leave them to sort out there own paths and whether we will accept the path they choose. I also wonder if our own people who can see just as much unfairness in wealth and political power here will wonder if they can do something about it. After all only a small % of people hold most of the wealth here as well  and they also hold the reins of power as well.

So it is an exciting time, oppressed people are standing up for fairness and we should be supporting them in that, but also making our leaders both political and business think about how fair some of there decisions are for the majority of this country.

Father God I pray for all those standing up for fairness and freedom. I pray that as they move forward they will also keep in mind the need to include all parts of there society including religious.


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