My Concussion & NFL Players

Yesterday I passed out and hit my head hard on the floor. Once I had been taken to the hospital it turned out that I had concussed myself.

Now I now how NFL players feel when they are hit hard, no wonder they are made to miss a few plays to be checked out and miss a game or two if it is thought they have concussion.

For most of yesterday I could hardly walk straight let alone want to play a game. Even moving slowly is difficult. Today it is better but still difficult and I am taking pain killers to deal with the pain in my head. Again I would not want to be taking part in practise games though it is possible to be learning from film and analysis of a game.

All in all not an experience I would want to have to often. So I wonder how quarterbacks manage particularly when they suffer multiple concussions. No wonder the league is concerned about keeping them safe.



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