Egypt, new beginnings! and the military

So Egypt has removed its leader, well done them.  However how much difference will it make, after all the military are now going to take over the reins of power and set up new presidential elections. But they have always held the reins so no change there.

What will be important is if the military allow choice for the election, and whither the people can also set up parties and vote for a full government and not just a figure head. I am doubtful that it will pan out that way without more demonstrations because the top brass of the military have a lot invested in holding the reins of power, mainly due to money. They control a lot of property as well as businesses in the state. They will not what to give up there  prestige and loot easily.

So where will it go, who knows? but I do hope that we will continue to let the Egyptian people find there own way and not help the military to hold on to power.  We need to keep praying for them and there future.



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