Do you think you can hide your faults? That no one knows what you have done?

In the last few days readings from Word on The Web, I have been challenged by David trying to hide what he had done. 2 Samuel 11 & 12.

This below was from the response and I find it very thoughtful.

We can’t hide from God
When we know something is wrong – stealing, lying, drunkenness, sexual immorality, violence, gossip – but do it anyway, have we rationalised our sin and despised him and his Word? Do our actions say to God, ‘It’s not that big a deal, people mess up all the time, it just happened?’

We need to face these difficult questions because, as we see in David’s life, we simply cannot hide from God.
Jo Saxton


Thinking about it I know I do things that like David ignore what God thinks. I say well I am human and can’t do anything about it. But we can we can try to fight the urges that lead us to do wrong. David saw a beautiful woman and decided to have her regardless of the fact that she  was married to one of his commanders. Do you like me sometimes see things and decide you want it no matter what?

Its hard to resist that urge isn’t it?

Yet if we don’t we will end up being pulled into wanting things which aren’t ours or which are bad for us. We all now people who have been drawn into substance abuse or worse, who may have started stealing to get what they want. Or maybe lying to cover up things they have bought which they know they couldn’t afford.

So what do we do?

All I know is that we can not do it alone, we need the help of God, friends will say they can help but are never there when temptation strikes, nor do they always ask about it later. Only God knows all about you, read Plasm 139, and can really help, but even then its not easy as we have to respect Him enough to listen and take the pain of HIM SAYING NO YOU  CAN’T STOP NOW. None of us like being told no, stop. But its the only way.


Respond ‘Father, forgive us for the times when we despise your words, take you for granted and cheapen Christ’s work on the cross.’



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