Levi had plenty to lose from following Jesus! Do you?

In Word Live http://www.scriptureunion.org.uk/2981.id today we looked at Levi the Tax collector.

Plenty to lose

It is worth noting that, unlike most of the disciples, Levi had plenty to lose. For simple fishermen like James and John, there might have been a chance of returning to their boats if Jesus turned out not to be the genuine article.

Levi ‘burnt his boats’ when he trusted Jesus and walked away from his tax booth. He stepped from a financially rewarding position that he could personally control into a completely unknown future.

It made me think of my friends and I from Church army and others who go into ministry. We all gave up our lives as they were to follow Jesus call on us. For me and a few others that has seemed odd as not long after our health gave out and we are now in general not in full time ministry. I wonder if Levi wondered about how the future would pan out for him? I know that when I responded to Jesus call the future with Him was all I cared about, but now I wonder why I was called if I was only going to serve in a limited way.

I know that even that limited way is in Gods plan and if I was not at the hospital every 2 weeks then those with me there would not have Gods light shining into there lives from me. But I do wonder as I expect the disciples did about just what good I do for Jesus and if I should be doing more.

Its just one of those things that we all wonder about I suppose, however I know that God loves me and that most of the time is enough.



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