You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me!

The sermon this morning in church was the end of a series of 10 on the commandments. It had started at 10 and now we were at the first one. 

You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me!

Over the weeks we covered each one in detail looking at how it effects our life even today. I did the talk on Do not Murder.

We looked today at the fact the God wants to be the main thing in our lives, Top of the pile not a note on the page.

Robert wrote this in our church notice sheet.


How do we let God be God?

We come to the 1st Commandment today, the last in our series on the Ten. It begins with these words:- “I am the LORD your God….” Over the weeks we have looked at what are clearly very practical commandments, but we might ask ourselves, “Why do they make sense?” You could simply say, Murder is wrong – because it takes a life given by God; or, Lying is wrong – because God is a God of truth; or Adultery is wrong – because God is a God of faithfulness; and so on. In contrast, our secular society today rather struggles I think with giving deep reasons for why we should behave in certain one way or another. But perhaps our struggle as Christians is in a different direction? It’s perhaps more how to let God be God and take 1st place in our lives? If we really understand (in part) that God is love, we are likely to appreciate that going deeper in our life with and commitment to Him can only result in good things (God is good too!).All the more so when we hear how the 1st Commandment is introduced – “I am the LORD your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt, the place of your slavery. You must not have any other god but me.” God is and has always been a rescuing God, and boy do most of us need rescuing!


I know God because he brought me out of slavery, not in Egypt but of my own making. When He did by showing His love for me my life changed, [see life story], I still am not perfect but that is ok because God Loves me and through that love helps me to improve. I know I will never be perfect, non of  us can ever be, but I know He will continue to work to make me a better person and use me to show His love to others.

So remember you do not need to be perfect to know God in fact that’s the point  God through Jesus redeems us and makes us right with Himself. Only God is perfect and if we had to be then no one would  be able to get to heaven. But because of Jesus and his sacrifice we can approach the throne of God and enter heaven, till then Gods Spirit will be at work in us making us the best we can be.



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