Job and My encounter With God 1

Last week I suggested to a freind that they read Job, I then thought I ought to read it again. Sunday when the South African lady [see post] was praying with me she said I ought to read Job, on Monday the vicar said the same thing and today while I was watching a episode of Crusade Job came up again, So I am supposed to be reading Job which I am so why and what will I learn?

In Crusade it starts with 4 questions.

1/ Who are you?

2/ What do you want?

3/ Where will you go?

4/ Who do you serve and who do you trust?

This has made me think about   where I am in my life, my health dominates my life and should it. So as I read Job I wonder about these 4 questions and where my health and future with God lay and whither there are any answers.

So far Job has been like me and complained about his lot, wondering why it happened and why God has allowed it. His friends have tried to tell him its judgement and its what happens to us all. However that is not helping. I have not felt my friends being like that but maybe I am to myself. Job replies that he is innocent and does not deserve this and that God can sort it out if he wants, Job is looking for someone to intercede with God for him. Now that I can see in me, I am constantly waiting for the right person to come who God will use to heal me. But maybe I have this wrong and I need to Look to Jesus direct instead of God using someone else.

In answer to the questions, I am a child of God; I want to do God’s will; I will go anywhere; I serve and trust Jesus.

I will continue to read and let you know what happens.


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