Afghanistan recent History

So 30 years ago the USSR invaded the small country of Afghanistan a country the Russians have tried to control a few times in history. The west led by the USA and UK supplied weapons and funding to the resistance and and so was founded the Taliban. The USSR failed to control the skies and eventually left the country which became very radicalised. Targeted by the USA after 9 11 as a base of Al-Qaeda, they eventually persuaded NATO to intervene to remove the Islamic terrorist’s and install a democratic government. Now after another 10 years of fighting and thousands of dead the USA and NATO are asking Russia to help them out in Afghanistan. They want access for supplies and helicopters as well as getting Russia to help train the Afghan forces.

Now it seems to me to be a waste of all those Russian, American and UK lives not to say all those Afghan lives lost over the last 30 years if at the end we are back where it all started. A Afghanistan in disarray,  with various warring factions and various big powers looking to control it. However now instead of an British Russian contest we have everyone against the Terrorists which the west created in the first place.

One has to ask if anyone in the various countries have ever bothered to read history as they seem to like repeating it. On top of that just think of the money  wasted here which could have been given to help these people out of poverty.


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