Defence Review 2010

So we have our defence review at last. We are going to build 2 carriers use only one of them and as it will have no aircraft I am not sure what it will be used for. We are scraping the new Nimrod recon aircraft which have cost £3Bn and although very late are starting to come into service now, so that’s a bit like buying a new car and just as the garage gets around to delivering it you decide it can be scrapped instead. You can’t sell it as you had it customised first and so it is now unique.

It seems to me that throwing things away to save money is odd, putting them in storage or maintenance would be better cutting highly trained serviceman is not cleaver. As we only seem to be able to deploy less than a third of our army at any time maybe we need to look at cutting some of the extras which don’t fight or support directly our front line. Other countries like France and Germany spend around the same as us and yet seem to have more to show for it. Yes our forces are a lot better than most others but we need a certain amount to make it worth having them at all.

In my humble opinion we would be better concentrating on the navy and the air-force. Both of which will stop an invasion of an island as well as project force overseas. As for the army we should rely on light highly mobile units using air [planes and helicopters] as a force multiplier but our heavy tanks into long term storage with enough in use to train crews. When they  they are no longer of any use make sure they are only replaced with light armour units. If push comes to shove it would be better to scrap our heavy tank force to save the navy and airforce and the core of the army its light mobile units.

Unfortunately for the government just scrapping things now will only cost money later when they decide they need to replace them.  Also scraping items which have just been bought is ridiculous and a wast of money. I know there is a spending hole but short term cuts will not help it takes years to build up a effective military as our history should show. Any changes need to be a long term mission not a slash and burn.



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