Chile Miners

Chile Miners, well not chilly as it was so hot down there.

So the miners of Chile are all out.

It was amassing to see and a wonder to read. I can think of many countries where they would have been declared dead and left unfound.

However Chile showed that people mean something and are not just a resource to use and abuse.

The faith of the people and there trust that God would help them save the miners was wonderful. Nothing went wrong, when so much could have. In fact everything went better than anyone expected and the 33 have been saved 2 months early. an example of man working to save there fellow man no matter what. Determined to work continuously to get to them pushed on and supported by all the country including the government.

SO what now? will they become international celebrities! will there get compensation for there ordeal?  or will they all sink back into there normal lives, will there be able to cope with normal after this.

So many questions I pray that they will be given the time and support they need to fully recover and the time to get used to the fact that they are still alive.

Thank you God for helping them and please bless them in there future.


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