Mary Knew Jesus Voice do you?

Today in cell group we looked at Mary Magdalene and in John 20 1-18 we see her at Jesus tomb.  At first she was confused and thought the person there was the gardener. Then he said “Mary” and she recognised his voice and knew her Lord.

It came up that it must have been great to know God’s voice and some of us said that it is. Hearing God speak to you is a wondrous thing. However it doesn’t just happen, Mary spend some years with Jesus listening to him day by day. We recognise our families and friends voices because we hear them so often.

To hear Jesus, you need to spend time learning to hear his voice. Spend time with Christians who know Him and they will help you recognise His voice.

It took me some months after becoming a Christian to start to recognise God’s voice, but then slowly over time it has become clearer to me.

So Mary knew her Lords voice do you?


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