What do you believe in?

This has been inspired by a few conversations lately.

Not wanting to tread on anyone’s beliefs, but many people have believed in many things over the centuries, however they are all just a pale reflection of the real God and his son Jesus.

People are right you have the freedom to believe in anything, however not all beliefs are equal.

Would you rather settle for the index of a book all the whole book?

Some beliefs are just like that only a glimpse of the whole story.

I believe that Jesus is the whole story as do many millions now and even more over the last 2,000 years.

You are allowed to believe what you want I have no problem with that but I would like you to know the full thing and not just a reflection of it.

God is about love, for Jesus and treating others as you would like them to treat you.

However it also comes with the condition of giving all your life to God and following Jesus, and asking forgiveness of your sins.

Faith is not an insurance policy which you can choose which bits you want.

I want everyone to know the real God, but in the end it’s your choice as it is anyone else’s.

God does talk to us in dreams, but they are never nasty. He does warn us of things to come in many ways including through our senses. However the message is always a positive one born out of love and care for us.  Feeling God say something might happen is quite normal as is having a six sense of it. However there is more to it than that, worship of an awesome God is about letting Him be in charge of all of your life and through His Son Jesus being able to have a relationship with Him.

Wouldn’t you rather have that than any pale imitation of it? Would you rather have a picture of someone you love or there presence?

A relationship with Jesus is better than any other thing you can ever imagine or conceive of. Turn to Him and know the real presence of the God who created you and everything else.

If you want to know how to get to know Jesus better, talk to someone who already knows Him or go on your nearest Alpha course.

I pray that you will come to know of His great love for you and His great desire for you to know Him.


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