Thoughts on Sunday 11th July 2010 [Church & Sliverstone]

Good time of worship this morning, talk was on ‘How to find life’.

Picked up on some of my thoughts on my bible reading lately.

In that you have to choose which path you are going to take, the easy wide path of everyone else or the narrow winding difficult path of following Jesus.

Read some of my other posts for more on this theme.

Unfortunately by the time we were half way through I was feeling ill again as I have been all week. Thankfully as it was communion there was healing prayer as well so I had them pray for me. I had two pictures one of Jesus carrying his cross and saying I can carry your for you and the second of the friends carrying   there sick friend though the roof to get to Jesus.

I feel that the Spirit is telling me to just rest in my friends and Jesus. So I must try to do that more.

Silverstone F1 GP was great fun. Now I know I shouldn’t enjoy others misfortunes but I had a great laugh at Alonso ending up at the back from the penalty he had for cutting corners.  Bern and I are still top of our fantasy league and slowly pulling away.

A good day of great enjoyment even if my body is struggling.


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