Todays Thought – Why, God, did you make us wander from your ways?

To day I was reading from Isaiah 63

But you’re our living Father,
our Redeemer, famous from eternity!
Why, God, did you make us wander from your ways?
Why did you make us cold and stubborn
so that we no longer worshiped you in awe?
Turn back for the sake of your servants.
You own us! We belong to you!
For a while your holy people had it good,
but now our enemies have wrecked your holy place.
For a long time now, you’ve paid no attention to us.
It’s like you never knew us.

Here we have Isaiah asking God why he has let Israel wander away from him, why has He turned His back on them.

Of course if we think about it a little we will realise that it’s not God who has let anything happen. He created us with free will and we let other things get between us and Him.

As in a previous post we have let other things distract us we no longer see God and worship Him in Awe. We go to church and worship but other things distract us and we forget why we worship Him. One of the things which came up on Sunday and at cell group on Monday was about people who come to church but have not found how to worship.

Is that because they have never been Awed by God, have they never experienced Him in power and looked in wonder at what he can and does do and who he is?

Or is it because they have lost that wonder and awe due to letting time dull them to it and the things of the world pull them a way. In Exodus Moses was told to tell the people not to make gods of sliver or gold and not to put them alongside God. What gods have you put alongside God?

They just distract us and dull us to His glory and dull our worship of Him, then we just worship out of habit and it starts to be routine and something we chose to do or not depending on the other things in our busy lives.

Spend some time and think about you life.

What are the important things you always make time for?

What do you give up so as to do other things?

How important is God and how often do you move your time with Him to do other things.

If you move things often just how important is God?

The bible says he should be first in our life’s in all things, we should have no other gods but Him.

Is that true for you? Is that true for me?

I will continue to pray about that I think.


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