Thoughts on Weekend 26/27th July.

What a good weekend.

Saturday, quite day but a great role-playing session in the evening you can read the story under the Traveller Campaign heading.

It was a great session with me having lots of fun watching the players try to work out what to do.

They do expand a story well, which is hard work but fun.

Spend some time in the beautiful sunshine and watched the Formula One qualifying and then while walking with Bern in the sun we worked out what changes to make to our fantasy team.

Sunday, well a God filled and blessed day.

The service in the morning was wonderful, Clare telling us about how criticism had stopped her from singing and that had made worship difficult when she became a Christian.  The service was on How to Handle Criticism, and the songs and talk really talked to us, the Spirit was present.

After a quick dinner while watching the start of the motor race, how Webber walked from that crash I don’t know, I headed to the wargames club to play in a space ship game. I took two Romulan WarBirds not knowing what we were going to have to do. The game was a great laugh, lost a ship and failed my opjective but did have a good laugh. Thanks for running it Matt.

Back home Caught up on Doctor Who from sat, well again a great story the second part of two and the end of the season. The doctor created light and the universe, made me think of Genesis and the creation. An interesting thought stream, did God create the universe through his own self? Its an interesting thought

‘God spoke: “Light!” and the light appeared.’   Gen 1.

Is God speaking the same as it being Him that starts it?  I do not know and don’t need to but its a interesting thought. God created the universe and us from himself so we could Love and be loved.

Its Love that brought the doctor back, Amy remembering and loving him, brought him back. The doctor had said that memory can change things, if you remember it can be brought back.

Is that why God never forgets us, as long as he remembers us we can come back to Him. Now that’s an awesome thought.

After that went to Presence at Church, Felt God talking to me throughout it, picking up on my weekend thoughts. Robert had us telling how God had been doing things in our life’s lately. Although I had lots I could say I felt God saying not yet wait to be asked. I needed to let other speak and not take over. While Margaret was talking about her story I felt God say pray for her, so when we finished I moved over to her and did so.  God is so wonderful He blesses the weak and obedient as well as those we are praying for. I also had other messages from God while others were speaking but none that required me to act then.

As I said a wonderful weekend, I know its odd to share my stories here but not in the group but here I am not taking over the group, here its me, God and who ever reads this.

May God bless you as you read this.


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